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    Default The many faces of Buckethead

    Most people don't realize that Buckethead plays lots of different styles so I thought I would post some examples.

    Here's some nice beautiful nylon string guitar. Its called For Mom off his album Colma:

    Here's a slow blues called Too Many Humans off Population Override

    Here's a funk tune , which is the title track of Poplutaion Override

    Here's a happy, almost smooth jazz like, song called New Year by the band Thanatopsis (with Buckethead)

    And here's a couple more pretty ones, not sure what to call the style

    Buckethead Complete Weirdness - Heironymus Bosch weirdness. You won't like it. This is the kind of stuff that only I would like.

    Middle Eastern sounding with a female singer. Trance like.
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    Default Buckethead - The many faces

    Just thought I'd bring the illustrations to the table. An odd fellow indeed.
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    Default Thanks Kindly - Five Minute Photoshop

    Took all of five minutes in photoshop. I really don't get the Buckethead thing, I did see him with that Guns and Roses guy once and that was odd. But I hear he plays well and the kids like him.
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    “Atheism is a non-prophet organization.” -George Carlin

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