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    Default The greatest guitarist to ever walk the planet!

    OK folks I am often asked who is my favorite guitarist...

    As for who do I think is/was the greatest guitarist, I say there are many!! but if I have to give only one name then let it be Tommy Tedesco! Many people say he was the greatest guitarist to ever walk the planet!! and nobody disagrees he is the most recorded guitarist to date!

    We hear him all the time and don't realize it! Any TV or for that matter anything that came out of the LA studios in the 60s and 70s including many Beach Boys songs is most likely Tommy, if not it is probably Glen Campbell. Glen is pretty amazing too!!


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    I too have many favorites that could be on this list. But the one that stands out the most is Django Reinhart. He had to overcome losing all but TWO of his fingers on his left hand and create his own style of playing. No one could teach him. He taught himself and to this day his music is not only popular but HARD even for a 5 fingered guitarist to play! Related to this, Jeff Healey (RIP) is another guitarist that had to overcome a disability and create his own style of playing...

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    Some great answers. I remember Tommy's old gig column in Guitar Player magazine. I was always impressed that not only was he making money but he was hangin with alot of famous people back in the day.

    I would add Andres Segovia. I think he was immensely important in making the guitar a popular soloist instrument. I'm also partial to Chet Atkins and Les Paul.
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    Did I read recently that Tommy Tedesco's son was involved in making a movie about Tommy and that it is being released soon? I think I saw this in a new issue of Guitar Player Magazine (and I meant to mention it but forgot and now you've reminded me).

    P.S. yep there is a movie- here's a link
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    I had email communication with Denny Tedesco a while back and yes he made a movie about his
    Dad and The Wrecking Crew!! He is promoting it independently so he needs as much support as he can get!!

    Denny BTW was very friendly and thanked me for creating the myspace tribute for his Dad! he said he is amazed by how many guitarists his Dad touched with his guitar playing!

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    I can't say I have a favorite, as they all offer something different....but if I had to pick 3 guys who continue to inspire me, I'd say:

    Django Reinhardt
    Joe Pass
    Danny Gatton


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    Default I'm loyal to my dude

    Big George Benson! My favorite jazz guitarist!
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