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    Thumbs up NEW! - White backgrounds on Courses -And Robbie Calvo Course preview!

    Seriously, now who hasn't seen the newest Star Trek movie with all that white background and thought it would be a good background for the new TrueFire Course? Have a look at the new studio background and while you're at it you'll get a look at the newest unreleased Robbie Calvo course. I've watched this video very carefully and can assure you that there is no lens flare.
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    The white background showed up in the last TFU monthly lesson from Brad Carlton, Shuffle Secrets II. Here is what I said about the white background on that course, and also as seen in Robbie's Fireside chats.

    Quote Originally Posted by rjbasque
    On a side note, this lesson appears to be the first one published with the new white background. (There were some clips in Robbie Calvo's Fireside chat using it as well) In general I like the new background, however the video feels a little "soft", just not the crisp sharp images we've come to expect from TrueFire. (RC clips were sharp) The video also had a "washed out" feel, like it was slightly overexposed. This is probably what contributed to the "soft" feel.
    I've taken another look just to verify, and I stand by my statements. The video in the provided link (Robbie's) doesn't have as much of the soft feel, it might be a little overexposed for my tastes, but is far better than the Shuffle Secrets course.
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    Mmmm not sure about the new white background but Sir Robbie of the Cool sounds good, damn his tone is BIG

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    I found the white background weird at first (still do).

    I think its a bit harsh (a bit like the forum background).

    Maybe they could visualisations (like a media player) when there is music or even better have the tab playing in the background

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    No opinion yet.

    I had no problem with the black...I never saw dust or anything like that ;O)

    It would be informative to hear what the purpose of the change was....perhaps once the ColorChangers get the unbiased responses they want.
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    I prefer the black background but I won't complain about the white. Not that big of a deal either way to me.
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    Humm, let's see what Spock and Kirk have to say about this.
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    Don't like the white it would be hard to watch for long time. As long as contrast is good color background would be good.
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    Not a fan of the white...the black was better.

    I had a hunt through the different youtube tutorials and to my mind the nextlevelguitar background is my favourite. It's natural and seems to contrast well with the instructors and the guitar.


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    Interesting....the new background is not that attractive for us long time fans.

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    Ya know, maybe it's the camera focal length but does it put on a few pounds?
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    Default Disturbing

    I find the white background disturbing. The overall contrast is too high and it gets stressfull looking at it for a longer amount of time. Grey would be a better choice.

    One thing to consider is the white frame, which does'nt separate from the video. So the neck of the guitar vanishes in an optical nirvana.


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    I do not like the white background. It is too bright and bleeds over the important areas like the instructor's hand on the fretboard as he/she is playing the guitar. White looks like a large light. It may work in a short commercial on television but when you view it on a backlit monitor it glows. Robbie Calvo looks pink. If you are going to "upgrade the studio" why not place some attention on getting the video color corrected? Seems like the priorities are misguided.

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    Fade to White just doesn't sound right. Black was rough on TV transmitters (max power) but your routers don't care on the Internet.

    Another vote for Back to Black, please.
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    I too prefer the black background.
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    Black is Black... I want my black back...
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    maybe it is time for a poll...anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rgalvez View Post
    maybe it is time for a poll...anyone?
    Good idea rgalvez. I took the liberty of adding a poll to this thread, I hope you don;t mind Gad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrhoden View Post
    Good idea rgalvez. I took the liberty of adding a poll to this thread, I hope you don;t mind Gad.
    There's already one up.
    It's been up a bit. And it's funny cause you know, it's not that serious of a subject. Also, if you check the latest TrueFire Insider there's a Survey so you can get your opinions up there as well.!
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    Can't we all just get along...

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