Cleaning the basement...

Found a set of Gibson G-040H HIFI Heavy Flatwound Stainless Steel Electric strings (0.012-0.058) - tried to look them up on the web but couldn't find anything. I guess Gibson doesn't sell much to that crowd anymore?

Even older - rare oddballs -
two sets of Andreas Morelli heavy gauge stainless chrome steel flat or ground wounds. Some of them have sleeves that say 'made in Germany (US Zone)', which dates them to just after WWII. I gave away one set in 1989 that was fully marked 'Made in Germany (US Zone)', not realizing the other two sets were mixed-era marked.

Apparently Andreas Morelli was a brand marketing name created by the Karl Hermann company to sound Italian. I found info about Karl Hermann and Andreas Morelli marketing hokiness that sounds like they'd do anything for sales. Apparently they made (upright) basses back to at least the 1920's, and violins that were Strad.

There is so much work invested in the characteristics of various pickups of various vintages, and aging of the magnets, etc...but people have to replace strings. I wonder what the old strings offered...if it was different than what is available today. These unfortunately are, as best I can measure with a caliper 0.014"-0.060"...pretty heavy.