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    Default At last Fingerstyle 360 is here!

    Bill Piburn and Ron Garant were the Editor and Publisher, respectively, of Fingerstyle Guitar magazine from 2000 to 2008. With the apparent demise of Fingerstyle Guitar magazine, they have reunited to carry on the fingerstyle tradition under the auspices of, a digital offering of both a website and e-magazine. Fingerstyle 360 will continue the effort of recognizing and furthering the world of fingerstyle guitar technique, including transcriptions/TAB, audio files, and events and offerings from fingerstylists the world over, whether well-known or not. It's all about the music!

    Issue #1 is available as of today. I'm in...

    Check it out...
    Stay tuned


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    Love looking at those Petros guitars (an ad in the bottom left) and those fingerpicks that look like Velcro things look interesting.
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    Thanks for the heads up! Just subscribed.
    - Jeff

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    Thanks Chris, I was a subscriber and fan of Fingerstyle.
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