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    Default Catalinbread Easter Egg Sale!!

    Apparently True Fire isin't the only company that likes to hide Easter Eggs!

    From my email:

    "OK, the first thing we're doing as cool stuff for Easter. I love Easter because as a kid it represented Spring is really here and Summer is around the corner. So to celebrate this we've hidden some Easter Eggs throughout our website If you find one, click it cause there are special offers within! If it is an offer that interests you don't hesitate to act cause this is only for a limited time!!!! As in no more after Tuesday, April 12th. Yeah. And have fun like a kid would, please! It is easy as clicking around and looking for the EGGS we've hidden through out the website!"

    So I scrolled around the site and at first I didn't notice them. I found one and voila....a recipe for Hos an feffer (rabbit stew). Not what I was expecting I thought about it a minute and went to the specs of the one pedal I wanted. I found an egg and suprise....I picked up a Naga Viper for $115.00 (regular $169.00). So if you are interested in Catalinbread pedals give them a look. The DLS (Dirty Little Secret) is very popular. I have been looking for a Diaz Texas Ranger for awhile. I had one and in a moment of need (yes, I needed a POG) I sold it to fund another gear purchase. I have missed it ever since. The Naga Viper is supposed to be the same circut as the original Dallas Rangemaster (a famous treble boost pedal) with a few improvements. I hope it lives up to my expectations.....
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    Thanks for the heads up Wolfboy.
    Great pedals, I like their Formula 5, but this really ignited the GAS:

    Don't seem to be on the Catalinbread website though.

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