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    Hi Lady V!
    Very Cool video for week 2. That may be a simple chord pattern, but it takes some work to get that right hand to work so well as you did. Very nice! Keep up the good work!
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    Great work on your blog! Keep up the good work and have fun with it. I can tell you loved the course and that is the main thing when doing one of these blogs. You will be great at it, I am sure.
    Take care.
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    I am not with Edit: Classroom(s) yet. I am using her two modules.
    Would like to keep in touch.
    I did "subscribe" to your blog.
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    Vivian Long time no see/hear. I hope all is well with you and wish you a Happy and healthy new year filled with lots of music and guitar playing.
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    Okay Viv.....I re-routed to a new thread for you!
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    I meant to ask you if you have Tabledit or Neck Diagrams software? I have tons of Tabledit tabs.

    including Chet's arrangement of A Taste Of Honey and 12 versions of Freight Train including Tommy's and mucho more...

    It's probably IMHO the most useful tab program for fingerstyle. It's $50 but there is a free viewer [tefview]... http://www.tabledit.com/
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    Hi Vivian

    I apologize for the delay getting back to you I wanted to go through my 'Guitar Stuff' before I responded. Speaking of which I have several Pete H items...
    - Better Practicing
    - Essential Exercises
    - Solo Acoustic Guitar
    I also have 1 of the Denver series on VHS. It would be good for me to dig into some of these things because to be honest with you I often buy these videos and watch them much like 'normal' people watch a movie and don't often follow up on them by working the tunes or exercises.

    Regarding Arp and Double Stop work... personally I think they would be worth working on though I do not have any specific material in mind. I'm thinking sort of like... scales are single notes... double stops sort of building off the single notes. I think 3rd and 6ths are the more common intervals used for double stops. I'm thinking triad as the next step - adding the 3rd note and looking ahead to full arpeggios.

    Kind of like learning single individual notes [scales] and then pairing them up to playing double stop scales of 3rds and 6ths [these would be maj and min in different keys], then adding to the double stops to make triads played singly and as chords.

    Some people develop a routine where they spend 10-15 minutes a day running through scales, dbl stop, triads and or arps using the circle of 4ths or 5ths to rotate around to all keys. I suspect GVD may have talked on the circles with you.

    For me all this would be helpful in learning the fingerboard better and more completely... hopefully developing into a more instinctive understanding of the full neck. Mostly I now pretty much just play things I have memorized. I would eventually like to get to a point where I can just sit down and play, improvising ... sit in with other players and just play music and have a broader understanding of the fretboard as well as music. I don't know if I have enough lifetime yet to get to that point but the journey should be fun.

    I see by your recently worked tunes list, that you have been busy and have some impressive tunes. All cool tunes, none of which I know. I think it is amazing that you were able to pick up A Taste Of Honey on your own. That's awesome. I do some of Tommy's Blue Moon and if I don't play it regularly I lose it and need to work it back up.

    I love Tommy's playing ... and Guy's and walking bass lines ... I have Guys Stride Guitar... I will have to look for the book though. It's in one of the book piles.

    I will try to watch the Better Practicing video to refresh my memory of what it contains and I will look for Stride Guitar. I would enjoy working on any of the tunes you mention.

    Re playing in public... I get nervous about that too. I am only now getting over my fear of videos. I have a video of me playing in one of the threads on the forum... very impulsive of me. Playing at open mics was very helpful to me because other than that I was lazy and undisciplined in my playing. The thoughts of performin in public made me practice and work out sticking points and get organized. A study group may be equally helpful.

    I don't currently have Skype, is it free? I do have a webcam [I'm in Jeff McErlain's Edit: Classroom(s)] I really like his playing and the fact that he does hybrid picking and some fingerstyle stuff is cool.

    We are in the midst of a kitchen extension / remodel project and as a result are going out to eat and running around looking for tthe right tiles and knobs and appliances and paint... as well as I am trying to prep and reseed the yard along with my forum and Classroom and work and family and... The fall and winter are coming, the kitchen should be done fairly soon and I am looking forward to doing some fingerstyle 'stuff' with you.
  8. Hi Chris - Thanks for keeping in touch. Yes, I'm from Newton, MA. Where in NH are you?
    Not to worry, whenever you have a few moments to think about this project just let me know. I hope all goes well.
    Thanks, Vivian
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    Vivian - I have been straight out for the last couple of days. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I got your message and that I hope to have an intelligent reply over the weekend... or as intelligent as I can be anyway.

    I also wanted to ask you where you are from, if you don't mind my asking... I'm from NH and wondering if we might be almost neighbors. I wonder this because you mention GVD and taking a lesson from him... I have also ... Could the world be this small? LOL That would be pretty wild if we lived near each other...

    BTW I do have a couple fo PH's DVDs or maybe they are VHS... I'll have to dig through and see.
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    I like your thinking on this, and would be happy to 'study' with you. You have a great list of ideas, I like them all and I would further say anything from Pete H or Guy Van D sounds real cool to me. Are you already working the exercises from them? May I ask where the exercises are from? Do you have Guy's Stride Guitar book?

    I was also thinking of maybe some arp work, or kind of a double stop exercise like doing 6ths scales... I like David Hamburger and have worked some on 1 or 2 of his tunes [have to review to remember which] I also have worked on Tim Sparks Amazing Grace. They were all fun tunes. I like Joe Dalton's stuff as well, I worked something from him too.

    I too have a ton of instructional stuff... It might be interesting to review some our favorite videos/books. By the sounds of it you have access to TFTV, I do as well, so that is wide open.

    Did you see the thread about Fingerstyle 360? I think it is really going be a cool thing. It's expected to premiere in October some time, I believe.

    So, if you're interested in working on some "stuff" together, I'm up for it as well. Any thoughts on how to get started? I'm pretty open to anything so feel free to pick something you're up for and we can try working it out together.

    Stay tuned
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