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    Hey thanks bud I just have serious issues with FB, hope you're good. My question would be to Massimo first of all Saluti Massimao come stai.
    Does he have a threshold of how many layers he would build for a guitar part? Or something like that you know before it get too busy of muddy sounding I would be very grateful m8
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    Thanks for the nice words on the 50 Slow Blues Licks blog. You are doing great too on the Lone Arranger blog!
    I haven't been into much detail. After all this is "only" licks and not much can be said without revealing the actual lick.
    I might feed the theory buffs a bit with some Old School stuff when rounding off after each group of licks.
    Have a nice day
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    Daughter's Celtic group video segment from college CCTV (non-broadcast + YouTube)

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    Hei W:

    I finally figured out how to rip, strip & zip a n audio clip back into a video.

    Here's the Kodak video + Tascam DR-08 audio re-mux'ed.


    Red reminded me they make cameras that record both good audio and good video together, but I'm trying to support the company that makes Excedrin!
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    Hey, I finished up the Effects Blog. Should i email Ren about that, or is there anything else you would like me to do?

    Can i do another course blog - t-shirt thing, or would you like to keep them available for others? I was thinking about Ravi's 123 songwriting and i can save a few bucks if i get it before the 12th. If you want to give other people a chance to do the course blog-tshirt thing, i totally understand - no big deal.

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    I spotted two blogs about 50 slow blues. I guess the idea is not to blog about a subject someone else has chosen, or can it be done?
    I am struggling a bit with subjects, the courses I have interest in are all taken (so far).

    Have a glorious weekend btw
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    Thanks for the info

    I now see the concept a bit more clearly. I'll see if I can find a course I want to blog about and jump into it. Is there a way to see what has been released since rocktober?

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    Hey, I started my course blog - please let me know if you would like more detail or if i am giving the milk away for free ;-) If there are any other changes or suggestions you have, please let me know. I appreciate the promotion and i want TF to get something back for it.

    Will Ravi's 123 songwriting be available for the free tshirt, free course promotion as well? That was a course i had my eye on as well. To be honest, i have my eyes on alot of courses hahaha

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    3 things
    1- So just get the course tonight and jump on it Wednesday? Cool!
    2- It occurred to me after i posted that i don't actually own any real effects, i have some digital ones (software and amp software) but no real, made out of metal with knobs, effects. Do you think that will be a problem?*
    3- I just started a practice log, independent of this, where i am working on my TF stuff, but not as a course blog. What did you mean with the "You can finish the other blogs too if you wish. I hope you do complete the other ones." ?

    Feel free to email me if that is easier.

    *Santa should bring me some pedals ;-)
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    I did try to get down and meetup with you guys. I had a few emails back and forth with WB about this. Unfortunately with relatively short notice the best airfares I could get where over $800 round trip. combined with lodging and other expenses I just couldn't swing it. For comparison my wife decided to visit the land of the mouse king next week. Airfare is just over $400 round trip for BOTH of us. After seeing Gadlaw's videos I'm even more sorry I couldn't make it happen.

    Even though I'm going to be in the next state for next week, the schedule with another couple only allows me as couple hours the day I arrive or leave it visit St. Pete. And that's with a 3-4 hr round trip drive. If any of you guys start talking again I definitely want in. Given 3 months lead I know I can get more reasonable airfare. Then the only problem will be how to bring along the acoustic.
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