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    Hey Wolf,
    I saw a couple of posts regarding Torr's playing a song on your FB page that you put in the course blog on fusion. They seemed kind of out of place and I moved them to the Student Audio / Video projects where he had the last post with a tune he was doing to a Rob Garland backing track. They seemed to make more sense there. (I remember another member once talked about folks doing "drunk typing" and I sort of wondered if.... oh never mind.) Just wanted to let you know in case you actually intended them to be in the course blog and wondered what happened to them.
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    Thanks for the welcome, wolfboy!
    Been a member for awhile but havent been that active on the forums.
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    Hey Wolf, a while back you posted a link to a website where people could upload recordings for playback by friends/family. I was wondering if you remember the name of this site as I would like to share a recording I did a while back. Thanks in advance. I hope that you are doing well.
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    and by the way i'm playing a lot today, specially rhythm guitar. I want to be more confident in songwriting.
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    Hey, glad you like the guitar. It does feel a little cheesy to me and the tuning pegs are not great, but I love the built in tuner! And I only play nylon these days. I don't even consider picking up the ES335. On the leaving thing, I am glad that Ron decided to push participation "thing". Otherwise I would have "died in the saddle" and anyway I think it is time I "got a life". I am so busy trying to memorize tunes for the band that the less distractions, the better. I am going to miss Sheryl Bailey though. The wife and I will need to make sure we go out to see her play more often. I am going to ride off into the sunset now in the direction that Beboy and MikeSpe and JimiClaptonCarl and a bunch of others went. It is the end of an era, at least in my mind. I never ever posted anything that I didn't sincerely want to say, and that is important, IMO.
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    Hey Wolf. Yeah now I have a more active participation. it's good to be here again
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    We have made it so, Cpt! Heck, that was easy! I may be getting good at that forum "fixing" thing.
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    Sure, I'll be most happy to do that. Great idea, too!
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    hey Wolf how are you? Now that Andy Aledort is in the forum he should be changed to the TF Artist status. Coud you do this? all the best!
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    Thanks for letting me know about the John Kilzer CD. I thought the rest of it might be more singer/songwriter type. I listened to a couple other things of his on YT. But you are right. That "Sleeping in the Rain" is one just awesome tune. My wife is sick of hearing it

    If you have time or interest you can stream the show where I heard about him here. It was on Beale Street Caravan that our local PBS station carries Monday night.

    Knowing what you told me about the CD I will probably pass on it. I am more into the electric blues/rock. But thanks again for telling me about it.
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Just thought this was funny

by Wolfboy1 on 09-24-2012 at 08:23 PM
Quote Originally Posted by gadlaw View Post
I love 'Come At Me Bro' pictures. And congrats on getting to 10,020!
Totally missed that what with all the Robben Ford and long sleepless nights and everything.

Thank-you Gad....here's a few more pumpkins to make you smile:

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by Wolfboy1 on 04-04-2012 at 06:01 PM
Well spring is here and the nights are warming up so that means I start working on my old shoe collection. I grab a guitar and a cigar and go out on the deck and sing bad Jimmy Buffet songs till the neighbors throw shoes at me

Really, I love to sit out in the evenings and smoke a cigar and play guitar or read. I find I usually spend as little time inside as possible. It's also the time of year where it's to warm to run the furnace and to cool for my wife to turn on the A/C.

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What's new.....

by Wolfboy1 on 03-26-2012 at 06:00 PM
Well since the last blog I added some Gary Moore to the library:

Some of my favorite tunes of his in a play-along format from Hal Leonard, 8 songs: Cold Day in Hell Empty Rooms The Loner Oh Pretty Woman Since I Met You Baby Still Got the Blues Texas Strut Walking by Myself. Also picked up a couple of Jimmy Buffet songbooks for the 12-string.

I'm starting to work on my singing maybe

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Guitar Journey

by Wolfboy1 on 03-02-2012 at 06:27 PM
Well I got home early from work today as my wife was sick and wanted to leave early (we work in adjacent court houses). So I burned a few vacation hours and came home and played guitar. Using my ever trustworthy Tascam GT-1 I strapped on my Ernie Ball Axis and worked on some Alice Cooper, to wit: Billion Dollar Babies, No More Mr. Nice Guy and Desperado. Hal Leonard released a cool new tab book.

12 transcriptions from the King of Shock Rock

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