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    Hi Brad... let me thank you for the TrueFire service - I've purchased several products and been quite happy - until now. Recently I received an email promotion for TrueFire titled "Get Lucky: Pot o' Gold Giveaway". For my $30 I received 5 DVD courses, none of which I can use because my computer has no DVD reader. When I contacted support to request a refund I was refused in spite of you "No questions asked" return policy. I have tried to find a compromise and take a credit to my account so I can purchase something I can use. Please help me with this problem. I would like to continue doing business with your company.
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    Hi Brad... as moderator for this forum..and I am guessing admin too... I have a problem that keeps reoccurring since the new upgrades of the forum..

    As I go to write a reply .. I keep getting this error message.."The message you entered is too short..Please lengthen your message by 10 characters".. and it only occurs on replies.. I have not problem with new thread.. Brad I tried a longer message and.. longer again and again until I was writing book, but to no avail. Just thought that you should know if there is a problem with the upgrading of the forum software.

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    What can I say, except the obvious... you are an incredible talent. I can't get enough of your lessons and playing. Talk about a consummate professional. MIT-grade Technique AND soul.

    Don't know if you take requests, but if so, here's something I'd love to see you do:

    An audio lesson Brad Carlton style with ptab/GP tab -- from Jesse Gress's SRV section of his book Licks of the Texas Blues Rock Heroes. I love that book, but find Jesse's style of tablature difficult to read (instead of showing the bend arrow above the tab, it is formatted more like ASCII with 6(B)(R) which messes up the flow for me). Moreover, I think your audio lessons are ace, and like the way you do your demos.

    Your audiobook from Gress's article Blues, Rock, Heart & Soul is one of my daily practice staples. Your tone and technique gives me the chills. Thanks for everything. OK, back to listening to Tony Vega's Dixieland - Alex
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    Hi Brad, I am currently a "Sh3rpa Brother" in the gym with Sensei Chris Buono... ha... Anyway we have a class project whereby I have created a backing track for an original "Sh3rpa" tune called "sh3rpalicious" .. and have asked all fellow class members in the gym who want to, to contribute their own riffs, motifs rhythm, lead or other obscure guitar sounds they may have... and in the end a final Sh3erpalicious tune will be born containing a group effort and inspired original piece..I purposely kept the progression real simple and have asked all to contribute whatever style they want, jazz, country, rock, etc... but, they must play it to fit in with my backing track...

    I am sure you can get to it.. it is in Chris Buono Monastery section with my introduction.. dont know how to point to it from here.. Anyway this led me to the following inspirational idea ...>>>>>>>

    "Ignited we Play " CD\DVD... yep thats my suggestion a CD\DVD from the house of TF and land of Sh3rpa... what do you think? ... doesnt have to be too complex and could even be an annual release of sorts... Students and or Teachers can contribute a track or tune but must each final piece must have at least 1 other contribution.. meaning no solo projects.. Just to get the feeling of brotherhood .. LOL you know what I mean.. and yes, even instructors .... on there..

    The tunes would need to be finished and mastered of course.

    The CD\DVD can be at a minimal cost sold to cover TF time and expenses in production with credits to all contributors.. from all over the world.. even down under from Adelaide !!!

    As I have just joined the forum, I thought wow I can now ask the bass guys if they want to contribute some bass on the Sh3rpalicous track and so on... A representation of combined talent in the house and out of the house...

    The Sh3rpalicious track was recorded as 24bit 44.1khz with all interested able to download the backing, throw it into their own daw and send back their contributions upon which I would created a mixdown of selected tracks... Anyway let me know what you think and have a listen to the "sh3rpalicious track" in Chris Buono's gym..

    Also this was my post below about my own personal sh3rpa experience... .. Now I want to add "Ignited we Play" oh yeah...

    Sensitivity Honesty Encouragement Respect Professionalism Accessibility = SH3RPA.

    What else can I say... well.... >

    This is the future of one on one personal musical development - What the internet was made for...

    Chris Buono is not only a great musician and artist in his own right but he is also a master educator. He gives you the confidence and the encouragement to get you to a place where you truly believe in yourself and your abilities and then with utter mastery, he will have you chopping up the fretboard like there is no tomorrow and your life depends on it.

    He will respectfully and with subtleness point out your weaknesses and find the triggers to push your buttons and get you up up and away! Wholly batfire! this man is a superhero.. well you know it does feel out of this world when as a musician and artist you find a teacher, someone who you come to respect very early on and who actually listens to you and takes a personal commitment to your own development... Awesome man...

    Benefits: A strategy, a plan, a workout schedule, your own personal trainer - Great.

    "Sh3rpaland" is a Global playground of like minded individuals all wishing to re-ignite the fire and passion and belief in there own musical abilities. Fantastic...
    I can be discussing my personal plan face to face with Chris, and at the same time planning a musical class project with classmates from Denmark, Germany, USA and the UK whilst watching footage of PRe-Production at the Hollywood Bowl... that's what I'm talking about...

    No pressure felt, your own pace, total commitment from the team and Chris, Dr Funk congrats man... I am a believer! LOL....

    Oh and I forgot to mention... you get homework.. every day... Awesome. luv it..
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    Hi Brad..
    Will the apps programs be available for the fastest growing OS/Platform in the world soon? .. iPhone will be dead and a thing of the past in three years, if not sooner.. just like most of Apple's other stuff. Google is here to stay, and Android is the fastest growing OS there is.. why.. if is free.. development is exponential and growing faster every day.. All the top smartphones are now Android... and the OS for the near future is now aPAD and aPhone.. Ask yourself..why are all the top makers and network carriers now switching to Android.. ask your self.. because it works .. and it is free.. Apple technology is based upon Linux, a free OS, but Apples wants to charge for it.. make it proprietary and also all its apps.. OPEN up to the future ... Android..

    What I am saying here..is that fastest growing market in smartphones and tablets is Android.. Can we have the apps for Android too..???

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    Did you get your Nik Huber "Orca" in yet? Pictures? Inquiring minds want to know these things
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    Wow....those Orcas are sweet!
  8. haha! i broke down and ordered another Nik Huber. Went a little overboard this time and will likely need 2nd mortgage to cover but well worth it! Its custom job but this is teh model ...http://www.nikhuber-guitars.com/orca.html
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    Welcome back from NAMM! What did you get? Waiting to get Sh3rpa going but still seems quite a few bugs. I like the helpful hints and Jeff is doing a great job as the Sh3rpa "Spirit Guide."
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    Hi Boss! I sent you a message via the newest means. Hope you get it soon and can reply.
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