David Hamburger's 50 Jazz Blues Licks

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I arrived at TrueFire just a couple of months ago and I've yet much to discover - it's being quite a fun journey, guys.
And so my latest discovery was David Hamburger's 50 Jazz Blues Licks; I'm jumping in at Lick #29, Winton Kelly's. This one's right in my alley - and I'm pretty sure the whole series will be just as good and helpful for my playing - Thanks, David!
I recorded a quick video to go with this post where I played the lick a couple of times against a jazz blues in F backing track I found on YouTube. The lick has some twists, as I felt quite comfortable with it... and Torr, thanks for the good example you set on your Ford and Chevy lick video - you didn't just play the lick ipsis verbis and I tried to follow you with this one!


  1. torr71's Avatar
    That is way too cool.. Like I said you Inspire Me Big Time...Been doing more jazzy type stuff cause of you...
  2. gadlaw's Avatar
    That was great! What a cool cat you are and you even have a cool cat on your lap while you played. On the listing of blog entries the video doesn't show until you click on the entry and then it's big as life.

    I hope you consider adding this video as a video response to David's lesson, that would be cool especially since you nailed it so well. Great stuff, great participation. Thanks for making a cooler place just by being here Joao!
  3. JoaoPazGuitar's Avatar
    thank you, guys! most merit goes to this place, awsome TrueFire, with loads of good material and to its kindest bunch of people - the problem, but it's a good one, is that there's so much awsome courses to choose from !

    I left a comment at David's post on the Punch-In blog - is that what you mentioned? I looked for a specific official thread on the forum about his Jazz Blues licks but couldn't find any.

    thanks again, it's super cool to share this place with you fine Gents!
  4. gadlaw's Avatar
    Actually I meant that you can leave an actual video response at the video. You can post what you did right here right there. Of course on YouTube you'll run into morons who will tell you you suck and other immature brainless things I think. Yeah, definitely a bit of a risk there. But then again, you are good and most folks would appreciate it and perhaps be encouraged to post their own. Not everyone from YouTube gets over here.

    Darn it, it won't let me post the image
    I'll post it in the Hamburger thread on the forum forum.
  5. torr71's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JoaoPazGuitar
    the problem, but it's a good one, is that there's so much awsome courses to choose from !
    That can be a problem,,its very easy to get distracted form your normal practice routine / goal ..I've really tried the past couple of years to finish what I've started and set some time aside for some focused noodle'ng when something gets my attention ... like Cory's new course..main focus has been CB's Blues Progression and Solo's..

    Seeya on the other side...
  6. Johnny's Avatar
    Excellent performance Joao!