YOUR Guitar Diary for 2012

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I am always trying to improve my tone, an obsession really. One of the key elements is what kind of pick you use. Yup, It makes a huge difference. I was a fan of the Dunlop Gator 2mm. I love a really thick pick and the sound of that material. At the same time I'd listen to Eric Johnson and Joe Bonamassa and hear all those ripping pent line that I have been working on for years and still can't get. So one day recently it hit me, those guys use Jazz III's. That little point makes a big difference. A BIG difference in how fast you can pick. This may not be true for everyone like Yngwie... But for me that little point made a difference. But I hate how they sound, of course the EJ and Joe B sound amazing, but for me they were thinner sounding. So in my mad pick buying frenzy I came across the V Pick Jazz III style. 2.75 mm with a point. It sounds nice and warm and I have increased accuracy. Very cool. Not here pimping V picks! Just saying changing up your pick is a cheap way to work on your tone. OK V Picks aren't cheap... They have a lot of styles, I have ordered a few variations in the matertials to see what I like best, but this one sounds great. Your mileage may vary...
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