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So the student run Sherpa class is still in limbo at the moment. So I was thinking we might be able to use this blog area for some of the ideas that were kicking around. One of which was a series on how to get started w/ Sherpa. Sheetz and McErlaine had done some interesting videos on how they get (mostly) audio into the videos, and in preparation I had done this video (see below) on cameras, along with some associated text.

Let me know what you guys think of this idea

To get the most out of Sherpa you need to send videos of you playing to your instructor so they can evaluate your playing. These videos do not need to be elaborate, but they do need to be usable. In this segment our "Student Union" moderator discusses some of the options that are available, some of which you may already own. As well as the "recommended" camera if you need to actually purchase a camera.

Note: Our moderator forgot to mention iPads/Tablets. All the comments about smartphones apply as far as file types and rear facing cameras. For tablets with dual cameras, the front facing (towards you) camera is a lower resolution VGA video type webcam. Only the rear facing is HiDef.
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