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Well since the last blog I added some Gary Moore to the library:

Some of my favorite tunes of his in a play-along format from Hal Leonard, 8 songs: Cold Day in Hell Empty Rooms The Loner Oh Pretty Woman Since I Met You Baby Still Got the Blues Texas Strut Walking by Myself. Also picked up a couple of Jimmy Buffet songbooks for the 12-string.

I'm starting to work on my singing maybe in a year I will sing in public again. Last time I tried it was at a tikki bar in Barbados and I was singing karoke to "Give Me Three Steps" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. There was alcohol and Swedish stewardess involved....I haven't sung in public since

Need to get back on the New World Flamenco course. I need to get that down before I head back to Barbados I think.
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