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Well spring is here and the nights are warming up so that means I start working on my old shoe collection. I grab a guitar and a cigar and go out on the deck and sing bad Jimmy Buffet songs till the neighbors throw shoes at me

Really, I love to sit out in the evenings and smoke a cigar and play guitar or read. I find I usually spend as little time inside as possible. It's also the time of year where it's to warm to run the furnace and to cool for my wife to turn on the A/C. Which means sleeping with the windows wide open....hate to go to work in the mornings! (what's new)

Anybody else a cigar smoker? I am going to quit as soon as the last 3 boxes I bought are gone. I am a big Perdomo fan. I buy those big fresh rolled wheels of maduro torpedos....love them. Also bought a couple of boxes on my way through South Carolina when we stopped at the JR Cigar store.

Anyway I am just getting ready to grab one and my Larrivee and head out to the deck....Y'all have a nice night.
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  1. rjbasque's Avatar
    Love the idea, but I'm still got a couple of weeks yet. We were almost there, 59' as the overnight low 2 weeks ago, then 4 days later back down to 29'. I keep thinking about the video of Tommy E. jamming Hendrix on his back deck