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  1. Hey Red!
    My wife does have a gun, but she doesn't know your address. No worries really; she knows how I bungle words sometimes, but the look on her face and the faces of my three sons (Hmmm, I must be Fred McMurray) when I said it were priceless. We got a good laugh. You are the coolest, Brother! Thanks for hanging with us and sharing so much with us.
  2. Sorry, I didn't see this msg ttill 07-05-12 and yes, I would be honored!
  3. Here is the link I promised in the previous message.
  4. Hi Red,
    I have a thread here called "Your Guitar Diary for 2012" and it is mostly a place where folks can share what it is that they actually practice each day. It has developed a life of its own now and we have had different forum members take turns hosting it for a week or two. I would like to ask you to be our Special Guest Host for a week if you can find the time to do it. All that is required is that you post each day and tell us what you practiced that day or the previous day. If you are getting ready for a gig, a studio recording, or whatever. For TF artists like you, we sort of leave the door open for anything you want to share because "You are the sherpas, and we are the followers." I will add a like to the thread in my next message (forgot to copy it before I started writing this one). Please let me know if and when you can do this for us. The schedule is all open starting on June 18, 2012.
    You are one of our favorites, my friend, and I know that I and many others would love to see you host the thead for a week (or however many days that are good for you). Take care,
  5. Hi Red, I think you may get a kick from my thread wherein I revealed your true identity!
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