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  1. We have made it so, Cpt! Heck, that was easy! I may be getting good at that forum "fixing" thing.
  2. Sure, I'll be most happy to do that. Great idea, too!
  3. Check you e-mail. I sent you something. LOL
  4. Will do, brother Ron.
  5. Hey, Wolf, give me a call when you get a chance. Either number is fine but home # is better.
  6. I couldn't resist being silly with you in the "Funny" thread. If it is over the top, just delete it. Thought I would personalize it a bit.
  7. Thanks Ron, I will bring it up next practice.
  8. Hey Jeff,
    if you want to use that name, go for it. Just let me know (and be sure to use the motto). By the time I ever do get a band together here, I will have forgotten it.
  9. LOVED the Spock image. Will catch up on the Atomic bass coment....Jeff
  10. I think you misunderstood your son or maybe he misunderstood, but actually...oh, wait. That was one of your jokes. Ok, I get it. Just being silly, but did you see the Spock pic I put in the "this was funny thread" for you. Also mentioned you in the Atomic Bass course blog.
    Glad you're getting back home.
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