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  1. Hey Golfnutt,
    Someone is doing a blog on the course, but they are sort of in a time out status right now, They should be back soon. I will give you a reply that may help a little.
  2. Hi Adam, Hope you, your family, and particularly you little girl are all doing well. You are all still in our prayers. See you round the forum.
  3. Just caught your message today. I am like most of us, I forget about this part of the forum. I hope you, your daughter, and family are all doing well. Take care.
  4. WMan thanks for the note and your concern. She is doing ok we got home from the hospital last thurs, and she is having some trouble recovering from all she has been through. I really appreciate your kind words. I was going to post something tonight to give an update I can't tell you how touched I am by the concern expressed by my TF fourm brothers thanks again and God Bless you.
  5. How's that beautiful little girl of yours? Hope she is doing fine and you guys are getting to relax a bit. Take care and keep us posted. I am praying all will work out well for her and your familiy.
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