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  1. What kind of guitar player are you?

    They say, "It takes all kinds." What does that mean?
    I think we all know more than one kind of guitar player. We have met them at band practices, music stores, jam sessions, maybe even auditions. The guitar, perhaps due to its popularity, seems to lend itself to producing a greater variety of players than perhaps any other instrument. Of course, I am more familiar with the guitar and its acolytes and this entire monologue is based purely upon my own experiences and speculations, ...
  2. Introducing Diana Rein

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    From Diana's website: "Diana Rein's music combines soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics with driving rock guitars and enduring melodies"

    So what makes her special? She is a fellow TrueFire Student, and alumni from Kelly Richey's "Blues On Steroids" Classroom. Disclaimer: Before I even began writing this post I contacted Diana for permission to discuss her story. While everything was already public, I just thought it was the polite thing to do.

  3. Practice Lesson 1 ( Fingerstyle Blues Handbook 1 )


    This is still a work in progress but I thought i would post a video to see if anyone can spot any bad habits or things i can improve on before I can actually say that i completed this lesson.

  4. Fingerstyle Blues Handbook 1


    I am going to try and learn one tune per week ( lick ) from Fingerstyle Blues Handbook 1 and post a video of me playing it on youtube here on the blog.

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    I believe there is 20 lessons, so this will be a challenge for me. Feel free to critique , since this will be the whole purpose. I have been playing for about 2 years without any real direction, just strumming cowboy chords that are probably not even in the right key.
    This ...

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  5. Practice Diary 19 3 14

    Am Pentatonic
    Blues Scale 1