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11-16-2009, 11:29 AM
I have a semi hollow body Epiphone electric guitar. It has great action. A friend has a Fender and the strings are a little higher off the fret board.
The Fender seems to be easier to bend the strings as I can get more leverage and also I'm able to use fibrato easier on the Fender, after the bend. On the Fender I can also bend notes more clearly even if the are way up the neck. Where as the Epiphone, the notes stop ringing when bent way up the neck, possibly cause the strings are to close to the neck
If I wanted to have the strings raised on the Epiphone, so the action is like the Fender, which would allow me to bend and use vibrato easier on the Epiphone, would this be a difficult thing to do? Of course I would take the guitar to the guitar shop and have someone else do it. But could they screw up my Epiphone some how if they did it wrong?

11-16-2009, 02:44 PM
I'm not a great expert here but in the past I have lowered the action by sanding a bit off the bottom of the saddle (takes some time and constant checking) I would think that fitting a new saddle should help. These are always much higher than the saddle already in the guitar then this could be sanded to the desired height.
Think I'd try this at home first as you can sand to a height that suits you as in the shop you won't be present to see the exact point where it meets your needs. New saddle is only a few $ and if it doesn't work you can always put the old one back in or take it to the shop. Cheap experiment rather than paying much more at a shop,