View Full Version : What have been your favorite learning experiences

08-14-2007, 05:50 PM
I had the privilege of 5 yrs of private lessons with Brad Carlton of TrueFire.
It don't get any better than that!
He is an incredible educator!

08-14-2007, 08:27 PM
I started guitar playing with lessons from a guy who played in my Dad's restaraunt. His name was Jose' Madrigal. He was a phenominal player, had toured the world and even led an orchestra for awhile. I learned to play alittle finger-style and flamenco from him. I had just bought a guitar and was 15 when I met Jose, unfortunately he got arthritis and I was not real dedicated at the time. Now I wish he was around to learn from. Then in college I was in a dorm for music majors and really got to play with a lot of kids and a variety of talent/instruments. I got married and pretty much quit playing for 20 years then nearly died from health problems. When I got better in 2002 I decided to jump back in with both feet (and hands). These days I have enough cash to get most of the things I want within reason and have just about over exposed myself to learning tools. Shoot if I had had more of the rock-n-roll resources like I have now I would have never got through college. Love true-fire but favorite experiences are Jose', college dorm life and....Power Tab!