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Fingerstyle Funk will completely overhaul your thinking of what can be played with ten fingers and six strings. With your faithful fingerstyle guru at your side, Jamsire Ernoir (aka Ernie Jackson), will teach you how to create insane grooves, layer chords over the groove, and play a melody over the top — and then play it all at the same time.

Jamsire delivers more than a few jaw-droppers and knuckle-busters. Take your eyes off the video and you won’t believe it’s all coming from a single guitar. But more than that, Fingerstyle Funk will be a boon to your songwriting, your soloing, and your rhythm playing. You'll learn to add groove and feel to your technique, to use fingerstyle in jam settings, and how to create a full range of rhythmic textures.

Plus, you’ll get some fantastic ideas for playing over loops. And we’re not just talking about the single-note “cluck” heard on so many classic funk recordings (due respect, Godfather). Fingerstyle Funk puts the guitar front and center, laying down the basic groove, with an active rhythm part and melody.

Fingerstyle Funk is presented across 2 CD-ROMs (Windows and Mac compatible), features 40 full-length video lessons, text overviews, standard notation and interactive Power Tab. TrueFire’s multi-media video player features zoom, speed control, looping and other useful instructional functions. 

Here's how Fingerstyle Funk is presented …

Twenty-two fingerstyle grooves and instrumentals are first performed by Jamsire over a backing track.

Each arrangement is then broken down note-by-note, technique-by-technique.

Throughout the course, Jamsire emphasizes and demonstrates how to "groove" and add texture.

Each arrangement features a corresponding backing track to practice the grooves and variations with.

Text descriptions provide overviews of the tune along with background on the style or technique.

Interactive Power Tab is included so you can see, hear and slow down tablature and notation.

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GROOVE POWER: an exclusive, and oh so very funky, audio CD from Jamsire featuring 15 original tunes along with narration.

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System Requirements: This course is presented in cross-platform Flash with PDF (tab notation) and Power Tab elements. Power Tab (included) is only available for Windows but we also include midi tab files for Mac users. All other components work great on Mac.

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