Andy Aledort's Progressive Blues Power

In the same way people learn their native language with ease, Shin'ichi Suzuki reasoned that people could also learn music environmentally simply by being immersed in an enjoyable musical and nurturing environment, an osmosis of sorts. "If a child hears fine music from the day of his birth and learns to play it himself, he develops sensitivity, discipline and endurance. He gets a beautiful heart."

Learning through osmosis, as opposed to a more formal approach, is also the learning path that most guitar students choose primarily because it is more enjoyable, more accessible and more practical. If you too desire a ‘beautiful heart' and blues is your bag, than no better joint to immerse yourself in than Andy Aledort's Progressive Blues Power.

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box artTalk about learning through osmosis... Andy has authored over 200 books and DVDs, gigs with Buddy Guy, Dickie Betts, the Allman Brothers, Double Trouble and was called upon to recreate the legendary Hendrix Band of Gypsy performances with Bill Cox and Buddy Miles. That's some pretty heavy osmosis that Andy will pass on to you across the 98 video lessons that span this four-hour interactive learning experience.

"Progressive Blues Power is the most ambitious, in-depth and intensive instruction vehicle I have ever created. With over 300 musical examples, Progressive Blues Power offers a complete, step-by-step approach to learning to play improvised solos in a modern blues and blues-rock style. These lessons -- built upon the concept of developing one's lick vocabulary -- are presented in nine different keys, presented across dozens of fretboard positions for each individual key and showcased within the context of a great variety of styles and grooves. After absorbing these lessons, you will speak the language of the blues and blues-rock more fluently and with greater precision and control."

In SECTION 1 of Progressive Blues Power, Andy steps you through scale choices, licks and fretboard navigation approaches for a slow shuffle groove, a medium shuffle, a slow voodoo groove, and a fast groove -- all in the key of E. Andy performs and then breakdowns soloing applications for all of the grooves.

SECTION 2 tackles the key of D with more versatile lick vocabulary across a shuffle groove, a slow Hendrix groove and a fast rock groove. Andy also demonstrates SRV and Hendrix strumming approaches in this section. Again, the soloing applications are performed and then broken down note-for-note.

A slow groove, a boogie and a Rollin' and Tumblin' groove are presented in SECTION 3, all now in the key of G. More lick vocabulary, fretboard insight, performances and breakdowns are all included in this section.

The key of A is next with SECTION 4 where Andy adds even more to your lick vocabulary and fretboard awareness. Another boogie groove and a Crossroads groove are focused on with the requisite performance and breakdowns.

The slow blues is drilled down on in both SECTION 5 and SECTION 6, keys of B and C respectively. More tasty licks, performances and breakdowns. More insight. And a few cool tricks of the slow blues trade worth the price of admission alone. SECTION 7 features a medium blues in the key of F# (very cool!).

SECTION 8 takes on the key of F and SECTION 9 introduces you to the key of C# with a vibey performance and breakdown for a C# to B to F# groove.

All in all, Andy has packed more blues power into this course than ever before and there's enough material to keep you busy for a lifetime. It's all transcribed, notated and all of the rhythm tracks are included for your practicing pleasure.

Andy's blues osmosis can now be your blues osmosis -- simply click to start the process!

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Andy Aledort

Andy AledortLong-time TrueFire Educator Andy Aledort has been a significant figure in the international music scene over the last 20 years. As a senior editor for the top guitar-oriented music magazines GUITAR WORLD, GUITAR FOR THE PRACTICING MUSICIAN, GUITAR EXTRA, GUITAR LEGENDS, and GUITAR WORLD ACOUSTIC, among others, his work is unsurpassed as a music transcriber, instructional columnist and journalist. He has authored over 200 books of guitar transcriptions as well as a series of guitar-related instructional books and videos/DVDs, all of which are distributed worldwide, for the leading music publishers Hal Leonard Corp., Warner Brothers Publishing and Cherry Lane Music.

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