Joe Deloro's Blues Rock Road Trip 1

Take a 1-4-5, crank up the drive, blow long improvised solos and you've got a few of the necessary ingredients to start working on your blues-rock bag. But that's just the beginning - everything else you'll need can be found in this groundbreaking video course by Joe Deloro, master blues-rocker and educator with dozens of top titles to his credit.

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About the Guitar Lesson Plan

Interactive Video Guitar Instruction

Blues Rock Road Trip 1 box artBlues Rock Road Trip features a series of video guitar lessons, which examines the many facets and geographical influences that make up this extraordinarily popular style of guitar. From London to Chicago to Texas and points beyond, Blues Rock: Road Trip will fill-up your tank as you learn to play essential blues-rock rhythm guitar patterns, licks, techniques and a set's worth of new grooves to take out to the next jam or gig.

The course leverages TrueFire's new interactive video quick-learning system to get players up and running quickly without hours of tedious theory and exercises.

Blues Rock Road Trip is a hands-on playing course, which guides the student through 10 distinct rhythm patterns and variations, 10 distinct solos and variations, plus dozens of extra blues-rock licks and other tricks of the blues-rock trade. Here's how Blues Rock Road Trip is presented:

Ten blues-rock instrumentals are broken up into a rhythm lesson and a solo lesson, each demonstrated in context against a drum and bass backing track.

The video rhythm lessons demonstrate the parts as written and then expands the parts to illustrate alternate voicings and fills to stretch the rhythm part out with.

The video solo lessons first demonstrate the solos as written, then breaks them down note-by-note, as well as demonstrating extra licks and variations.

Each pair of lessons (rhythm and solo) feature a jam backing track for students to practice over to help nail the parts being covered and expand on as well.

A text description provides an overview of the tune along with some background on artists and geography synonymous with that blues-rock for reference purposes.

Power Tab is included (interactive tablature for PC users), so you can see, hear and slow down the tablature and notation.

About Your Instructor

Joe Deloro

Joe DeloroTrueFire Educator Joe Deloro enjoys exploring a variety of acoustic and electric guitar styles.

Along the way he's arranged numerous guitar transcription books for Warner Bros. Music Publications and Hal Leonard Corporation. Featured artists include: B.B. King, Led Zeppelin, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, The Eagles, Rod Stewart, Van Morrison, and Rush.

As a writer, his instructional articles and CD lessons have appeared in Guitar Player, How To Play Guitar, Premier Guitar, and Acoustic Guitar magazines.

In addition, he has also been invovlved in multimedia as an author, arranger, and narrator for the award-winning UBI Soft Entertainment CD-Roms: Plugged-In, and Songs of Lennon & McCartney.

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Early Intermediate through Advanced

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