Mark Wilson's Blue Grooves

This set of video blues guitar lessons in Blue Grooves from Mark Wilson teaches the student ten blues guitar rhythm patterns and solos across a variety of blues guitar styles. The objective of the course is to teach the student the subtleties of how to play over various blues styles with both rhythm patterns and improvisational solos. Although you will learn ten new blues instrumental tunes to add to your repertoire, the course is more focused on teaching the skills necessary to develop tasty solo and rhythm chops.

Video Introduction

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About the Guitar Lesson Plan

Interactive Video Guitar Instruction

Blue Grooves BoxBlue Grooves lesson elements include two digital video segments, jam track, text overview, source links, interactive tab and standard notation - all presented in TrueFire's proprietary multi-media, cross-platform instructional player.
Most players tend to rely on their standard bag of licks and rhythm chops in most blues situations - this course will push you beyond the comfort zone to give you a fresh perspective and new bag of tricks to draw on. Here's how...

Ten blues instrumentals are broken up into a rhythm guitar lesson and a solo guitar lesson, each demonstrated in context against a jam track.

Blue Grooves BoxThe video rhythm lessons first demonstrate the part as written in its basic form. The rhythm part is then expanded on to illustrate alternate voicings and fills to stretch the rhythm part out with.

The video solo lessons first demonstrate the solo as written, then break it down note-by-note and expanded on ways to stretch and twist your solos in that particular style.

Each pair of lessons (rhythm and solo) feature a jam track for students to practice over to nail the part being covered.

A text description provides an overview of the tune along with some background on artists synonymous with that style of blues.

Power Tab included (interactive tablature), so you can see, hear and slow tablature and notation.

About Your Instructor

Mark Wilson

Mark WilsonMark Wilson has devoted his entire teaching career to the development of an innovative program that inspires and empowers students to realize their full potential. Early on in his own learning development, he was often frustrated when studying with teachers who had great technical skills yet had no organized plan to expand their students understanding or abilities. Out of this frustration, Mark created his popular teaching program for guitar and bass... An instructional method modeled on the ideal program he always envisioned when he himself was a student.

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  • - 228 Minutes of Video
  • - Practice Rhythm Tracks
  • - Text Commentary
  • - Tab and Notation
  • - Power Tab


Late-Beginner to Intermediate

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