Robbie Calvo's 50 Rhythm & Blues Licks You Must Know
Dating as far back as the 40's, Rhythm & Blues has been used to describe a wide variety of musical styles combining jazz, blues, soul, funk and rock. This handpicked collection of 50 R&B Licks You MUST Know pays homage to the soulful, bluesy, rock sounds of the 60s and 70s upon which much of our contemporary and requisite guitar vocabulary is derived from.

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50 Rhythm & Blues LicksThis traditional style of R&B guitar was pioneered by Steve Cropper, Ernie Isley, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Cray, Leo Nocentelli, Bobby Womack, Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, Freddie Stewart, Walter "Papoose" Nelson, Mabon "Teenie" Hodges, Pete "Guitar" Lewis, Chips Moman and so many more great session players from the 60s and 70s.

Robbie CalvoRobbie Calvo dissects the style and equips you with double-stops, sliding sixths, bends, pull-offs, chromatic runs and passing tones, Q&A motifs, Mixolydian lines, combining scales and arpeggios, chromatic double stops, vibrato, semi-tone bends, triplet rhythms, pedal tone ideas, combining major and minor pentatonics, glissandos, "sweet" notes and many more techniques that are characteristic to this tasty R&B style.

Whether or not you play traditional R&B, these 50 R&B Licks You MUST Know will round out your bag with a compelling, soulful and expressive vocabulary that you can apply in any contemporary setting.

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