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Rick Payne's 2-CD Video BLUENOTES course presents a fresh approach for applying blues scales, pentatonics and even the mysterious diminished connection to power up your blues solos. Most players have a grip on these scales and can play in the "box" for days, but still lack the essential skill of understanding how, when and why to put those "blue notes" to work.

BLUENOTES will teach you how to balance blue notes with chromatic, passing and neighbor tones correctly to add color, depth and richness to your phrasing.

Rick Payne says, "like many guitarists, I was always confused as to what Pentatonic this and Pentatonic that meant. Guitar books varied in their interpretation of blues scales and Pentatonic, and still do.

Most of us get through in the end by using our ears and not the grey stuff in between. However, I thought it would be useful and time saving to share with you some of the grey stuff I've learned along the way. Even if you are already a rip rooting soloist, BLUENOTES will help tie it all together."

The BLUENOTES interactive manual takes you through the course step-by-step with easy links to video and PowerTab elements.

You'll also learn three instrumentals that cover all the bases for the techniques covered: Bending the Blues, an instrumental highlighting blue note bending. Chromatic Blues an instrumental using chromatic tones and Neighbor Blues an instrumental using neighbor notes and slides.

For your listening and learning pleasure, BLUENOTES also includes an addendum of 13 blues tunes in CD quality MP3 format.

2-CD Digital Video Course
BLUENOTES is presented in cross-platform interactive video with PIP, PDF manual with text tab and notation plus PowerTab.

Download a low-res video sample (the real thing on CD is bigger and clearer)

WindowsMedia (2 mb)

Quicktime (1.52 Mb)

Chapter 1: Introduction> -Demonstration of the tricks, licks and techniques you will learn in the course

Chapter 2: History - Origins of pentatonic scale and relevance to the blues

Chapter 3: Major and Minor Pentatonics - Construction and uses of these two key scales

Chapter 4: Pentatonic to the Blues - Maximizing pentatonics and playing with visual patterns

Chapter 5: Stressing the Blues - Blues scales, using bends, slides, chromatic, passing, and neighbors

Chapter 6: Bending the Blues - Instrumental with blue note bending

Chapter 7: Chromatic Blues - Instrumental Blues using chromatic tones

Chapter 8: Neighbor Blues - Instrumental using neighbor notes and slides

Chapter 9: Diminished Connection - Patterns and uses of the diminished scales in the blues

Chapter 10: Scale Review - Major/minor pentatonic and blues scale patterns for the 6th and 5th string roots

Addendum: CD Quality MP3s of 13 Blues Tunes
- Saint Louis Blues
- The Glory of Love
- Little Red Rooster
- Too Too Train Blues
- Meet Me in the Morning
- Walking Blues
- Fool for a Cigarette
- Hipshake
- Help Me
- Little Schoolgirl
- Bristol Blues
- Get Out of My Kitchen
- Early Morning Blues

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System Requirements

CDs are formatted in Windows Media and Quicktime (video) MP3 (audio), PDF (tab notation) and Power Tab. Any computer with sound and a printer will work just fine. No big system demands - this is very friendly stuff. Power Tab is only available for Windows but we also include midi tab files for Mac users. All other components work great on Mac.

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