Monday’s Daily Kindling

Monday’s Daily Kindling

Fuel for the Fire:

“When you chase music for money, God walks out of the room.”
– Quincy Jones


We’ve got a case of the Mondays, and the only cure is some YouTube vids.
Here are our Top 3 for today:
1. Stanley Jordan playing “Over the Rainbow” –
2. Victor Wooten bass and sax with Bela Fleck –
3. John Mayer does his best Tom Petty impression –

What would you like to listen to while on hold? –

A father and son team appeared on The Shark Tank to pitch what they call “the most innovative guitar in a century of guitar making.” Should they have taken the deal? –

How do you judge an air guitar competition? –

Hundreds crowded into a Shreveport, Louisiana venue Saturday at an attempt to break a Guinness Book world record for the largest guitar ensemble. Did they break the record? –