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10 Guitar Accessories Under $20 Guitarists MUST Have

Most guitarists suffer from what is known as G.A.S. – gear acquisition syndrome – and we’re all on a life-long hunt for the ideal rig. If we all had a dollar for every piece of new gear we’ve purchased over the years, we’d all be playing ukes on the beaches of Tahiti.

Checking out what other guitar players are using on the gig is likely responsible for triggering 90% of those guitar gear purchases. So fair warning… the following 10 uber-popular guitar accessories may very well be a dangerous proposition for those who have G.A.S problems, but hey, at least they’re all under $20 bucks!

1. Smartphone Headstock Mount – $19.99

Guitar Sidekick mounts your smartphone to your guitar’s headstock, giving you the perfect view for your favorite TrueFire guitar lessons, videos, or chord charts right on your smartphone! Guitar Sidekick’s clamp attaches directly to your strings above the top fret, but won’t affect the tuning or tone. Its compact size fits perfectly in your case or pocket, making it great for gigs, rehearsals, or learning new songs at home.

2. Gutiar Pick Holder – $3.99

Keep your guitar picks in reach with the Dunlop Pick holder. Made from durable plastic, this spring-loaded holder is the perfect way to store and keep your pick close at hand. Use the included adhesive tape to stick the Pick holder on your amp, instrument, music stand, desk, or where ever you want. There’s nothing worse than being without a pick at a gig or when you really need one. Get the Dunlop Pick holder and make sure you are never pickles again.

3. Music Nomad Cleaning Tool – $7.99

Music Nomad’s All-in-1 String, Body, and Hardware Cleaning Tool is a must have for any guitar or bass player. The innovative design both extends the life and preserves the tone of the strings, and also cleans the body and hardware without any cleaning solutions. This premium quality, washable microfiber pad quickly cleans dust, grime, and fingerprints on the instrument’s body and hard to reach areas, including on top and underneath guitar strings. It also protects frets and fretboard from getting damaged while cleaning them. Turn it around to use the super soft, natural brush fibers as a cleaner for dust build-up and care on the body, bridge, pickups, saddles, tuners, headstock, and more. Cleaning off dust and grime is a must before you apply any polish to avoid scratching the finish. The All-in-1 Nomad Tool can be used on all electric and acoustic stringed instruments, drums, mixers, computers, pedals, and more.

4. Guitar String Peg Winder – $14.99

Music Nomad’s GRIP Winder has a built-in dual bearing design that makes turning the GRIP Winder handle effortless, silent, and super fast. The ergonomic and non-slip grip handle gives you total control and comfort, and the innovative GRIP technology smoothly and silently slips over your tuning pegs for a scratch-free and clank-free operation compared to traditional plastic peg winders. The contoured design fits virtually all tuning pegs, both big and small, and the narrow profile keeps you from hitting close-fitted pegs on 12-string and electric guitars. It’s perfect for electric and acoustic guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, and orchestral strings, and it uses the highest quality materials, including a carbon steel shaft. Changing strings just got a whole lot easier.

5. Guitar String Fuel Cleaner and Lubricant – $8.99

Music Nomad’s String Fuel is a hybrid blend of refined naturally occurring oils that are speed blended with premium quality mineral oils to deliver a string cleaner and lubricant unlike any other. The proprietary formulation allows you to both clean and protect your strings, making them last longer and sound better while reducing finger noise and enhancing the speed you can slide your fingers. It is silicone free and safe for any finish, and it even conditions unfinished fretboard wood. Includes the String Fuel solution in a no-mess ergonomic applicator and a microfiber cloth that conveniently stores inside the applicator handle.

6. Tripod Guitar Stand – $12.95

A high-quality guitar stand at an unbeatable price, the XGC-4 features our exclusive velveteen rubber padding, heavy-duty sheet metal leg housing and 17mm/22mm tubing. One of our best sellers, its friction locking knob prevents rotation, rubber ends caps prevent slippage and stepped yoke and solid steel rod with locking keyway accommodates virtually any electric, acoustic or bass guitar.

7. Snark Clip-On Tuner – $9.99

The new and improved Snark SN5X clip-on guitar tuner includes faster processing chip, enhanced accuracy, and new high definition screen that can be read from any angle.

8. Quick-Change Guitar Capo – $5.99

Aluminium alloy material, durable. Hold the strings nice and tight. Used for electric or acoustic guitars. Can be quickly and easily released and repositioned.

9. Hardwood Guitar Wall Hanger – $11.99

The renewed Home and Studio Guitar Keeper has a deep cradle design that prevents the guitar from being improperly placed in its hanger, which promotes safer handling of your instrument. This guitar wall hanger design is also great for guitars that have a headstock with single or uneven heels. The yoke pivots to cradle the headstock, but is free of mechanical, moving parts that would wear over time so this product is manufacturer-guaranteed for life. Wood block is made of real hardwood.

10. Premium Strap Locks – $5.49

Guitar Savers are the most reliable and hassle-free instrument strap lock system you will ever find. They are a simple, cheap way to secure your strap. Just slip our easily installed Guitar Savers over your existing strap buttons and you’re done. Your strap is locked securely in place. There’s nothing mechanical to break or wear out. Best of all, you don’t need to buy a special connector for each strap and guitar. They are so simple, you can’t even call it a lock system. Beats the heck out of drilling out your guitar for the fancy straplocks!