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Post-Hurricane Update from the ‘Fire

On behalf of the entire team here at TrueFire, thank you for your phone calls, text messages, and emails expressing concern for our safety here in St Petersburg, over the course of Irma.

Most of us had to evacuate to points north, and almost all of us lost power for extended periods of time. TrueFire’s new building also lost power for several days but handled the winds and torrential rains without a hitch. Thanks to the many redundancies and fail-safes in our IT system configurations, remained up and running throughout the entire storm.

A few of our families suffered damage to their homes and property but to quote Miami Mayor Levine, “We didn’t dodge a bullet, we dodged a cannon.” Thankfully we are all now back in our homes, and we are all safe and sound.

Unfortunately, this was not the case for many thousands of people in Florida, Texas, and the Caribbean who suffered through two hurricanes with a devastating, life-changing aftermath.

TrueFire has already made a sizable donation to help those less fortunate families get back on their feet. We’d like to encourage you to help out as well.

Rather than the typical promise of donating X dollars for every X dollars worth of purchases, we’d like to propose a different approach — an honor system of sorts.

Use the promo code “RELIEF” for 50% off Courses, Jams, or All Access. Then take some or all of the money you saved and donate it to the charity of your choice (see below for a few good choices).

Thanks again for your concern and for helping to support those families in dire need!

Ignited we stand,

Founder & CEO
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