100 Gifted Guitarists You Should KnowThere’s no shortage of Top Guitarist lists that purport to represent the “best” or “greatest” guitarists in the land. Even if you happen to have made one of those lists, you’d likely agree that there’s really no such thing as a “best” guitarist, nor is there any way to quantify such a list.

At best, the lists only represent the most popular and/or commercially successful guitarists and are not necessarily based on talent or musical achievement. More disappointing, they’re always packed with the usual suspects.

We understand the whys and wherefores of lists like these — they sell magazines, drive web traffic and push online ads. And we’re cool with that. But how cool would it be to compile a list of players that might not be household names but clearly deserve wider recognition because of their extraordinary talent and musical prowess?

Thanks to the input, nominations and consensus of the TrueFire community, which is comprised of thousands of players from hundreds of countries, we present our dream list: 100+ Gifted Guitarists You Should Know.

Over the next several months, we’ll be publishing weekly posts that feature ten more “gifted” players that you might consider adding to your playlist. Stay tuned and make your own nominations here.

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