Stu Hamm's Slap Bass

Whatever style you play, a little slap and pop goes a long way to color up your bass lines and solos. In this Slap Bass course, Stu unravels the ins and outs of this technique focusing on essential thumb skills and the underlying rhythmic and percussive qualities that are so important when employing tap moves.

Video Introduction

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About the Guitar Lesson Plan

Interactive Video Bass Guitar Instruction

"In this Slap Bass course, I will be teaching you the techniques and stylistic approaches that you'll need to have a solid grip on to build and ultimately master your slap and pop musical vocabulary. There are as many ways to "slap that bass" as there are bass players, but in this module, I have assembled all of the techniques that I have found to be the most useful and effective. Have fun with this!"

Table of Contents

  • Stretching Techniques
  • Getting and Staying Limber
  • The Thumb
  • Thumb Slap Exercises
  • The Thumb: Eighth Notes
  • The Thumb: Playing Triplets
  • The Thumb: Left-Hand Muting
  • The Thumb: Forearm Muting
  • The Thumb: Right Hand Muting
  • The Thumb: Double Thumb
  • The Thumb: Triplet Thumb
  • The Thumb: Using Polyrhythms
  • The Thumb: Play-along #1
  • The Thumb: Play-along #2
  • The Thumb: Play-along #3
  • The Thumb: Play-along #4
  • The Thumb: Octaves
  • Fingering Techniques
  • Octaves: Sixteenth Note Slap
  • Octaves: Sixteenth Note Accents
  • Octaves: Triplet Application
  • Octaves: Thumb and Finger
  • Octaves: Play-along #5
  • Octaves: Play-along #6
  • Octaves: Play-along #7
  • Octaves: Play-along #8
  • Octaves: Hammer-Ons
  • Hammer-Ons in E Minor
  • Hammer-Ons: E Minor Triplet Slide
  • Hammer-Ons: E Minor Funk Groove
  • Hammer-Ons: Play-along #9
  • Hammer-Ons in E Minor: Play-along #10
  • Hammer-Ons in E Minor
  • Hammer-Ons in G Minor
  • Hammer-Ons: Descending in G Minor
  • Hammer-Ons: G Minor Pentatonic Funk
  • Hammer-Ons: Play-along #11
  • G Minor: Play-along #12
  • Hammer-Ons in G Minor
  • Think Like A Drummer
  • Converting Drum Patterns
  • Think in Paradiddles
  • Ghost Notes
  • Open E Ghost Note Slap
  • Ghost Notes: Triplet Application
  • Ghost Notes: Thumb Application
  • Ghost Notes: Double Ghosting
  • Ghost Notes: Play-along #13
  • Ghost Notes: Play-along #14
  • Ghost Notes: Two Finger Triplets
  • Stu's Song "Count Zero"
  • Two Finger Triplets: Play-along #15
  • Open String Technique
  • Droning Application
  • Open Strings
  • Different Tonalities
  • Bending Intervals
  • Open Bends in G
  • Country Music Riff
  • Open Strings: Play-along #16
  • Open Strings: Play-along #17
  • Stu's "Obligatory Boogie"
  • Performance
  • Performance Breakdown
  • Stu's Song "Outbound"
  • Performance Breakdown
  • Stu's Song "Outbound"

About Your Instructor

Stu Hamm

This musician is none other than Stu Hamm, bass player extraordinaire who first came to prominence after playing on Steve Vai's Flex-Able disc. Going on to become the bassist of choice to lay down the low-end for virtuoso guitarists like Frank Gambale and Joe Satriani, Stu has continued to hone his already considerable chops, both on stage and in the studio. Fortunately, Stu's teaching skills match his musicianship, giving you a rare opportunity to learn from one of the very best bassists on the planet.

About the Series

Stu Hamm U

Stu Hamm U is a complete course of study for ALL students of modern electric bass. Never before has a bassist of this caliber shared such vast knowledge, in such a comprehensible and accessible way. Whether you're just starting out or already a working pro, there enough solid material and insight across these four volumes to take your playing wherever you want it to go.

Stu covers it all; rhythm patterns, theory, fretboard navigation, right and left hand agility, harmony, modes, chords, chromatics, arpeggios, stretching exercises, tone, stylistic approaches, muting, hammer-ons, ghost notes, slapping, tapping, improvisation and soloing. Best of all, no tedious theory or boring exercise to struggle through - you will play your way through the entire course working with Stu's engaging, interactive video lessons and play-along workouts.

Dig in at the beginning and work your way through the entire Stu Hamm U method or just cherry-something new and cool to bring to the gig tonight - it's all there!

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