Stu Hamm's Bass Basics

Bass players lay down the foundation in practically every style of music by bridging the gap between the strict rhythm of percussion instruments and the melodic domain of lead instruments and vocals. Today's bassists must not only lock-in with the drummer to serve up the all-important "groove" but are now also called on to step up front and treat the audience to a searing and melodic solo from time to time.

Bass players are in high demand and can easily find gigs, making the instrument attractive for aspiring musicians. But once you decide to play bass, you still face the question of where to begin and that's what Bass Basics is all about.

Video Introduction

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About the Guitar Lesson Plan

Interactive Video Bass Guitar Instruction

Bass Basics starts at the very beginning, teaching you journeyman-level bass chores such as the proper way to change and tune strings. You will learn the instrument's individual parts as well as what to look for when shopping for a new bass - Stu even gives you a guided tour of his latest Fender signature Urge Bass II! He shares tips on tone settings for both the bass and amplifier and how to use these controls to get the sound you want.

In this volume of video bass guitar lessons Stu demonstrates the essential left and right hand techniques developed to build strength and endurance. He teaches you the language of music to help make quick work communicating ideas at jams and auditions. Bass Basics equips you with a solid foundation of techniques, theory, rhythm patterns and bass lines, all of which can applied in any style of music. Stu even shows you how to read tab and follow a chart as well as teach you the essential theory required to take your playing in any direction you choose.

Never before has a bassist of this caliber shared such vast knowledge in such a comprehensible and accessible way. If you're serious about learning the bass and want to enjoy the journey, let Bass Basics be your guide. You won't go astray!

About Your Instructor

Stu Hamm

This musician is none other than Stu Hamm, bass player extraordinaire who first came to prominence after playing on Steve Vai's Flex-Able disc. Going on to become the bassist of choice to lay down the low-end for virtuoso guitarists like Frank Gambale and Joe Satriani, Stu has continued to hone his already considerable chops, both on stage and in the studio. Fortunately, Stu's teaching skills match his musicianship, giving you a rare opportunity to learn from one of the very best bassists on the planet.

About the Series

Stu Hamm U

Stu Hamm U is a complete course of study for ALL students of modern electric bass. Never before has a bassist of this caliber shared such vast knowledge, in such a comprehensible and accessible way. Whether you're just starting out or already a working pro, there enough solid material and insight across these four volumes to take your playing wherever you want it to go.

Stu covers it all; rhythm patterns, theory, fretboard navigation, right and left hand agility, harmony, modes, chords, chromatics, arpeggios, stretching exercises, tone, stylistic approaches, muting, hammer-ons, ghost notes, slapping, tapping, improvisation and soloing. Best of all, no tedious theory or boring exercise to struggle through - you will play your way through the entire course working with Stu's engaging, interactive video lessons and play-along workouts.

Dig in at the beginning and work your way through the entire Stu Hamm U method or just cherry-something new and cool to bring to the gig tonight - it's all there!

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Parts of the Bass
  3. Stu's Signature Bass
  4. Changing Strings
  5. Amplifiers
  6. Using A Digital Tuner
  7. Tuning the Bass By Ear
  8. Open Strings
  9. Switching Strings
  10. Chromatic & Accidentals
  11. Bass Tablature
  12. Octaves Part 1
  13. Octaves Part 2
  14. 5th Intervals Part 1
  15. 5th Intervals Part 2
  16. 3rd & 10th Intervals
  17. Major Arpeggio
  18. Minor Arpeggio
  19. Jammin' with Arrpeggios
  20. Major Scale
  21. Minor Scale
  22. Mixolydian Scale
  23. Practicing Scales
  24. Major Pentatonic Scale
  25. Minor Pentatonic Scale
  26. The Blues Part 1
  27. The Blues Part 2
  28. Straight Eighths Rock
  29. Shuffle Feel
  30. Pop Tune
  31. Pop Tune with a Chart
  32. Swing Groove Part 1
  33. Swing Groove Part 2
  34. Funk Jam Part 1
  35. Funk Jam Part 2
  36. Funk Jam Part 3
  37. Playing A Complete Song
  38. Following Charts Part 1
  39. Following Charts Part 2
  40. Picking
  41. Hard Rock Jam

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