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Mobile Apps

Instructional Guitar Lesson Apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

All of TrueFire's mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch include video guitar lessons and all the supplementary learning materials. They are the best way to learn guitar on the go! Choose an app below to learn more or download it on iTunes.

Friend of the 'Fire: iKlip

iKlipTake Your iPad On Stage With You!
The iKlip by our friends at IK Multimedia is a universal microphone stand adapter for iPad. In our minds, it's a genius tool for musicians and a must-have for anyone who owns an iPad. Take your favorite iPad music apps on stage for live performance or use it in any live setting in the studio, at school or in the boardroom.

iKlipWith its multi-angle adjustable design, you can securely position your iPad for optimal viewing and accessibility, while all controls, buttons and connection ports remain free from obstruction.

Learn more about the iKlip >>

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