You have the voice. You flipped the burgers to buy that good guitar. You even stayed up late to learn every chord in the book. But your guitar accompaniment still isn't cutting it. If only you had someone or something to help you breakthrough to that next level, right? Look no further.

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The Songwriter's Guide to Great Guitar, authored by top session and touring pro Denny Sarokin, offers songwriters and guitarists over 200 tricks of the guitar and songwriter's trade, all designed to help make songs "radio ready" and turn average guitar players into exciting performers. The Songwriter's Guide to Great Guitar covers a menagerie of musical styles and will shore up your guitar playing overnight without having to struggle through tedious theory and exercises.

Denny Sarokin's writing, studio and touring credits include Every Mother's Son, Rick Nelson, Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Buddy Jewel and hundreds of songs for film and TV. He has conducted workshops on guitar, songwriting and stage performance for the Nashville Songwriter's Association, National Guitar Workshops, the Songwriter's Guild, the Country Music Hall of Fame, OperaWorks and countless universities across the country.

Denny shares his considerable experience writing and arranging for guitar using concepts like classic chord progressions, rhythm grooves, fingerstyle moves, moving bass lines, walk-ups, playing lead, power chords, "sexy" scales, harmonics, open tunings, pedal bass, muting, "shape-shifting" and much, much more.

Beginning with how to voice chords to suit the tune, Denny explains how to effortlessly combine chords, arpeggios and single-note phrases within an arrangement. You'll learn various strumming patterns, popular fingerstyle techniques, hammer-ons, pull-offs, arpeggios, muting techniques and how to target individual strings within chords to fine tune arrangements for any style or situation. Denny will also show you how to approach the guitar like a drummer to keep tight, interesting rhythms; the use of movable chord shapes to get the most out of the fingerboard; and Nashville "drone" chords - special voicings that impart the song's progression while staying out of the vocalist's way.

Songwriter's Guide to Guitar teaches you how to create arrangements that make your guitar sound like a full band and also reveals the secrets behind the styles of artists like James Taylor, Chuck Berry, Merle Travis and Chet Atkins, all in an easy to understand format. You'll also learn how to apply each of the techniques and play in different styles including blues, rock, pop, rockabilly, bluegrass, country, folk and R&B.

Whether you are accompanying yourself while playing cover tunes or looking to write the next number one song, Songwriter's Guide to Guitar will soon become your go to resource.

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