Fingerstyle Fusion by Acoustic Guitar Workshop

Fingerstyle guitar has recently exploded into a renaissance unto itself; fingerstyle techniques are now evident in all styles of music, fingerstyle artists are growing in popularity, fingerstyle festivals and concerts are widely attended, and more players than ever before are buying acoustic guitars and working on their fingerstyle chops.

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This explosion in popularity is credited directly to the more contemporary fingerstyle techniques which fuse techniques, rhythms and harmony from blues, jazz, ragtime, country, funk, flamenco and rock. Fingerstyle Fusion is your first step to getting a quick grip on contemporary fingerstyle.

RickThe inspiration for Fingerstyle Fusion came from TrueFire students who can't seem to get enough fingerstyle material for the shed -- specifically more contemporary material. Our fingerpicking brothers from over the pond, Rick Payne, Steve Elliott and the Acoustic Guitar Workshop spent the last year pulling the material together to present Fingerstyle Fusion.

Fingerstyle Fusion links traditional fingerstyle with many of the contemporary techniques that are so popular today. Pick it up to build your repertoire, update your fingerstyle chops and spice up your own compositions and performances.

Fingerstyle Fusion is presented on a DATA-DVD (Windows and Mac compatible), features 69 video lessons, text overviews, charts, PDF manual, standard notation and Power Tab so you can "see" and "hear" the tab played out. TrueFire's player features zoom, looping and other useful instructional tools to accelerate the learning process.

Here's how Fingerstyle Fusion is presented...

  1. You'll play your way through the course by learning eight contemporary fingerstyle tunes, mastering the required techniques to perform the tune properly.
  2. Each tune is broken down into several lesson sessions, each focused on a section or technique in the tune.
  3. Picking technique, transitions, harmony, chord voicings and key moves are covered in detail for each tune.
  4. Accompanying charts, text and manual guide your study for each arrangement. An entire series of exercises further guides your study.
  5. 69 video lessons illustrate every aspect of performing the tune. TrueFire player allows you to zoom, frame advance, loop and exercise other useful functions.
  6. All of the material is also presented in standard notation and Power Tab so you can "see", "hear" and adjust tempo without changing pitch.

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  • - 75 Minutes of Video
  • - Text Commentary
  • - Tab and Notation
  • - Power Tab



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