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Tommy Emmanuel's Certified Gems

This interactive video course features two hours of multi-angle video guitar lessons for full performance versions of Mr. Guitar, Classical Gas, Borsalino, To B or Not To B and Cowboy's Dream. Never before have you had such solid teaching material and so many educational tools to work with as you explore and learn to master your favorite Tommy Emmanuel tunes.

Video Introduction

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About the Guitar Lesson Plan

Interactive Video Guitar Instruction

guitar courseHands down, Tommy Emmanuel is the most charismatic, soulful, accomplished and technically brilliant fingerstyle guitar player walking the planet today.

Tommy is also extraordinarily inventive on the fretboard, which makes learning his songs, and playing them correctly, extremely challenging because it's so difficult to discern exactly what Tommy is doing with both his right and left hands.

TrueFire and technology to the rescue! For the first time ever, Tommy teaches 5 of his most popular tunes and arrangements with interactive multi-angle video software featuring zoom, looping, and angle control!

Never before has such solid teaching material and so many educational tools been available to explore and master your favorite Tommy Emmanuel tunes!

Multi-Angle Video Instruction
Multi-angle interactive video instruction accelerates the learning experience with looping, syncing, zooming, keyboard shortcuts and other handy controls. Viewing angles include wide, right-hand, front of left-hand, back of left hand, and a tri-view showing three angles simultaneously. Video angles can be switched easily during playback for optimal viewing of left and right hands at any point in the performances or breakdowns. Any section of a video can also be looped continuously for study and play-along.

Note-by-Note Breakdowns
For each of his tunes, Tommy first shares a little background on his inspiration for the composition and then performs the tune in its entirety. Tommy then steps you through a detailed note-by-note breakdown covering every section of the arrangement and every technique he employs during the performance; intros, verses, choruses, outros and even the improvisational sections - you get it all straight from Tommy.

About Your Instructor

Tommy Emmanuel

educatorTwo-time Grammy nominee Tommy Emmanuel is one of Australia's most respected musicians. The legendary guitarist has a professional career that spans almost five decades and continues to intersect with some of the finest musicians throughout the world. A household name in his native Australia, Tommy has garnered hundreds of thousands of loyal fans worldwide.

Tommy's unique style - he calls it simply "fingerstyle" - is akin to playing guitar the way a pianist plays piano, using all ten fingers. Rather than using a whole band for melody, rhythm, bass, and drum parts, Tommy plays all that - and more - on one guitar. Guitar legend Chet Atkins was one of the first to inspire Emmanuel to try this "fingerpicker" style as a child. Decades later, Atkins himself became one of Emmanuel's biggest fans.

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Ordering Options

NOTE! Tab & notation is not available for this course - it is currently pending licensing.

Individual Lesson Ordering Options


For PC, Mac & Linux computers only. Not compatible on iPad, iPhone, Android or other mobile devices. For a list of our mobile apps, click here >>

What you Get:

Video software (Windows and Mac) with TrueFire's Lesson Player, PIP, full-screen, looping, slow motion, keyboard shortcuts, plus...

  • - 52 Video Guitar Lessons
  • - Text Commentary


Intermediate - Advanced

Table of Contents

  1. Borsalino
    - Performance & Breakdown from 5 angles
  2. Classical Gas
    - Performance & Breakdown from 5 angles
  3. Cowboy's Dream
    - Performance & Breakdown from 5 angles
  4. Mr. Guitar
    - Performance & Breakdown from 5 angles
  5. To Be or Not to Be
    - Performance & Breakdown from 5 angles

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