Vicki Genfan's Acoustic Rhythm Survival Guide
If you play acoustic guitar, cover popular songs, write your own tunes, perform solo or work in a band setting, or just like strumming on the front porch, this is a must-have TrueFire course of study. At the very least, you need to dig a little deeper here because the Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Survival Guide will blow your mind to Timbuktu and back again. Here's why...

Unless you're a top-notch session player, your rhythm chops likely suck wind. Please don't be insulted--that's true of almost ALL of us; pros and amateurs alike. That's because most of us focus our attention on other aspects of our musicality. We'll spend hours working on a killer lick, but only a fraction of that time working up a killer rhythm part. So naturally, we wind up playing those same old, tired rhythm moves over and over again.

Fact of the matter is it's your rhythm work that earns you the gig, gets you invited back to the jam, lights up your performance, inspires your original material, excites your fellow musicians and draws your audience to their feet. It's all about rhythm.

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No one knows this better than your professor of groove, Vicki Genfan. Singer-songwriter, recording artist and solo performer extraordinaire, Genfan gets calls from all over the planet to lay down her rhythmic magic. Crowned champion of Guitar Player magazine's Guitar Superstar competition, Vicki plays all the big international stages from Montreal's Jazz Festival to Germany's Open Strings Guitar Festival to Italy's Soave Guitar Festival.

Vicki's Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Survival Guide steps you through 19 techniques and harmonic approaches for transforming any chord progression into compelling and engaging ear magic of your own. Get a grip on these 19 techniques, and then combine them for hundreds of possibilities to apply in any musical setting. Breathe new life into any cover tune, any solo performance, any original composition, any band or ensemble piece - it's all within your grasp, whatever your style preference happens to be.

Genfan covers changing tempo, changing time signature, changing duration of chords, finger picking, strumming, plucking, harmonics, relative minor substitution, open tunings, harmonic capo, partial capo, color tones, changing harmonic quality, changing voicings, power chords, hammer ons, pull offs, using part of one chord progression to make a new progression, "slap-tap" body percussion, and even using different stringed instruments.

Vicki demonstrates all of these techniques and applications over some of history's most popular chord progressions; progressions that are used in hundreds upon hundreds of popular hit tunes. Everything is explained and demonstrated in a musical context - no tedious theory, boring exercises or drawn-out explanations to struggle through.

"These 19 tools can be applied to ANY style of music. They'll open your ears, mind and creativity in ways that will forever impact the way you approach your rhythm guitar playing. The material ranges in difficulty, but most of the techniques can be implemented right away by the intermediate player. Even the simpler techniques can be applied in a more advanced context very easily and I'll give you many examples of that throughout the course."

Genfan is the consummate instructor with the pedigree and chops to back it all up; the Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Survival Guide will lift your playing to a whole new level of intensity, excitement and musicality. Guaranteed. Dig in!

EXCLUSIVE BONUS! Chord Progressions for Songwriters
Look around any successful singer-songwriter's studio and you'll likely find a copy of Richard Scott's Chord Progressions for Singer-Songwriters and/or Money Chords (if they haven't hid their copies from plain view). These "insider" books are requisite reference material for anybody who composes, arranges or plays popular music. Check them out on Amazon (here and here) and you'll find them both to be highly ranked and available at $28.95 plus shipping.

Richard is allowing us to exclusively offer TrueFire students downloadable PDF versions of both books for just $14 each: the entire 322-page Money Chords and the entire 322-page Chord Progressions for Singer-Songwriters (no typo — that's fourteen bucks each!). Thanks Richard!

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Money Chords E-Book
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Money Chords
is a comprehensive reference book of eighty popular chord progressions that have been used to write hit songs and also drills down on twelve essential tools for creating them. Chord progressions are categorized both chronologically and by progression type. Progression type listings compare how the best songwriters and performers have utilized similar chord progressions.

Chord Progressions for Songwriters
is an intensive study of the twenty-one most popular chord progressions that every songwriter should know inside and out. You'll learn how key, duration, substitution, variation (adding or subtracting chords), and displacement (rearranged chord orders) are used to vary the sound of each progression.

Pack up Vicki's Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Survival Guide and Richard's Chord Progressions for Songwriters and/or Money Chords, lock yourself in the shed, and emerge with a highly educated understanding of chord progressions and how to make them sound fresh and exciting to your listeners.
EXCLUSIVE BONUS! Chord Progressions for Songwriters

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