Muriel Anderson's 1-2-3 Fingerstyle

OK, admit it... you secretly covet fingerstyle skills but won't go public with it 'cause you've given it a go in the past and you're pretty darn sure that you just don't have the requisite ambidexterity and finger/thumb coordination to pull it off. And since you can't juggle either it all sorta makes sense. So, no big deal -- there's lots of music you can play with a pick but still, deep down inside, you know that the guitar is a polyphonic instrument and jeez, if you could only...

STOP! Anyone can learn to play fingerstyle. Yes, even you. It's simply a matter of repetition, muscle memory and solid instruction. If you promise to take on the repetition, your muscles will handle the memorization, and Muriel Anderson will provide the solid instruction with 1-2-3 Fingerstyle Guitar. Square deal?

Video Introduction

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About the Guitar Lesson Plan

Interactive Video Guitar Instruction

box art1-2-3 Fingerstyle Guitar is designed for intermediate to advanced flat-pick players who are ready to throw down that pick for a while to finally get a handle on fingerstyle. That's the secret ingredient of this study program -- its a beginning fingerstyle course NOT a beginners course. You won't be bogged down working through a ton of remedial instruction.

You'll find the left-hand side of things very familiar and accessible. You'll dive right into developing that finger/thumb independence on the right-hand and Muriel's got the educational goods to get you up, running and fingerpicking faster than you can imagine. Guaranteed.

In the first section, Muriel focuses on getting your thumb to think for itself by introducing you to thumb circles, the Merle Travis arm, muffling and a few simple alternating bass moves. You'll then start adding the ring, middle and index fingers to the mix, take on your first fingerstyle tune and ... voila!

Muriel then steps you through three accompaniment patterns that you can apply to virtually any tune. You'll learn how to work the pinky over a G, C and E chord and that will prep you for your second fingerstyle tune, Brad's Rag.

Next up; blue notes, more open chord forms, barre chords, dominant chords, 7th chords, arpeggios, forward rolls, reverse rolls, lullaby, travis and country patterns. These skills round out your fingerpicking chops and open the door to your new fingerstyle world. But wait... there's more.

Bass runs, chromatic walk-ups and walk-downs, turnarounds, hammer-ons, pull-offs, plus Muriel adds bits and pieces of Deep River Blues, Ali Cat, Alice's Restaurant, String Along Rag, Nine Pound Hammer, Windy and Warm, Waterfall in G, and Potato Gun Rag to your fingerstyle repertoire.

We can't help you with the juggling but you won't have time for that anyway -- those weekend solo fingerstyle gigs will be keeping you pretty busy!

About Your Instructor

Muriel Anderson

Tim SparksWidely respected as one of the country's foremost guitarists, Muriel Anderson is the first woman to have won the National Finger picking Guitar Championship. Her recordings have traveled as far as outer space, accompanying the astronauts on a space shuttle mission. She is host and originator of the renowned "Muriel Anderson's ALL STAR GUITAR NIGHT" as well as founder of the Music for Life Alliance, to support music education in schools and grassroots programs nationwide. For the past 14 years, Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night concert series has brought together the world's best guitar players and the music community in support of a great cause.

Her facility across the genres of folk, classical, jazz, bluegrass and international music is revered by guitarists worldwide. Her unique approach to the instrument virtually transforms the guitar into a lyrical choir, then a marching band, then a Japanese koto, then a Bluegrass band, one minute launching into a Beatles tune and the next, Chopin's Minute Waltz. Touring in the USA and internationally year round, she continually amazes audiences with her technique and endears them with her sense of humor. Recently she has teamed up with Germany's top guitar duo, TIERRA NEGRA, adding a new dimension and excitement to her music.

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Late Beginner - Early Intermediate

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Thumb
  3. Muffling
  4. Merle Travis Arm
  5. Alternating Bass
  6. Rotating & Alternating
  7. Adding the Fingers
  8. Accompaniment Patterns
  9. The Pinky
  10. Brad's Rag
  11. Blue Notes
  12. Major & Minor Barre
  13. Dominant 9th Chord
  14. 7th Chord Forms
  15. Arpeggios
  16. Lullaby Pattern
  17. Arpeggios
  18. Deep River Blues
  19. Travis Pattern
  20. Country Style
  21. Ali Cat
  22. Bass Runs
  23. Chromatic
  24. Walk-ups and Walk-downs
  25. Alice's Restaurant
  26. B7 to C7 to B7
  27. Turnarounds
  28. Hammer-Ons
  29. Nine Pound Hammer
  30. Windy and Warm
  31. Bass Hammer
  32. Pull-Offs
  33. Am 1st Finger
  34. Am 4th Finger
  35. G On and Off of 1
  36. Cool Licks
  37. Cross String
  38. Waterfall in G
  39. Country Pick
  40. Potato Gun Rag
  41. More Potato Gun Rag
  42. String Along Rag
  43. Conclusion

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